Natural Power

Forward-thinking businesses of all sizes are embracing cleaner, greener renewable energy technology. Switching to renewable energy sources increases efficiencies, reduces energy overheads and improves corporate social responsibility. ICH offer expert energy consultancy with a professional and pragmatic approach to the range of bespoke solutions based upon your business needs. Get in touch to arrange a meeting with one of the renewables consultants.

Air Source Heat Pumps

EnerGel Radiators

Solar PV Panels

Combined Heat and Power

EV Charging

Wind Turbines

Ground Source Heat Pumps​

LED Lighting

Solar Thermal

Voltage Optimisation

Maintenance and Repairs

Ecodan Water Systems

Making The Right Choice For Your Business

ICH sustainable consultancy services are our primary driver to help organisations make more sustainable choices. The services support energy reduction efforts with in depth knowledge of products and energy costs. ICH guide clients towards making the right decisions, utilising new renewable technologies.

What ICH Offer

ROI & Financing Options

Nearly all new sustainable products offer some form of return on investment. Environmental sustainability strategies often require long time frames to demonstrate their full value and provide a financial ROI. ICH can tailor every solution to the clients exact requirements and provide a plethora of funding options in order to achieve targets.

Full Turnkey Solutions

ICH have specialist contractors with experience in installing a wide range of renewable products. From initial consultation/specification and design ICH can offer a full turnkey solution including additional maintenance packages to ensure warranties are upheld.

Energy Consultancy

ICH energy consultants are responsible for reducing carbon footprint and energy usage of any business. Their main duties lie within the conservation of energy creating new models, processes, and assisting businesses to make sustainable choices. Once a design has been established for any renewable system ICH has the resources to deliver them.

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