Facilities Cost Management

ICH is a leading independent hard facilities service provider, operating successfully for over 29 years. Unlike the vast majority of FM providers, ICH employ direct labour providing solutions to customers that are different to the industry norm. ICH have maintained the overall trend in fast moving and sustainable growth since inception. A dedicated facilities management team utilise various CAFM systems to maintain thousands of customer sites and compliance contracts across the UK. From basic maintenance tasks such as fabric, joinery and mechanical services to full turnkey installation projects ICH can manage all your facilities service requirements.

Why choose ICH?

Many facilities management providers have strict rules around the amount of disciplines involved in FM arrangements. They also usually stipulate that all service lines and disciplines are maintained by them, leaving the customer little to no flexibility once a contract has been established.

ICH is very different in this regard as the facilities management team will manage as many service lines as required by the client. Other large providers usually insist on exclusivity and tie clients into fixed term arrangements. ICH can adopt any clients existing contractors, providing they meet the desired pre-qualification and vetting criteria. This allows for greater control, a better continuity of knowledge and a more competitive edge when providing costs. This is sometimes more difficult to manage however, the overall satisfaction from said clients is usually greater than that from an exclusive FM arrangement

Setting Up A Facilities Management Agreement

Step 1.


ICH arrange a meeting to understand the scope and potential disciplines that can be managed on your behalf.

Step 2.

Site Survey

Unless you have pre identified the assets and scope in which to manage the contract ICH can If required survey your buildings and gather all relevant information required to compose a successful facilities management arrangement.

Step 3.

2 to 3 Weeks

Depending on the amount of service lines to manage ICH will consolidate all agreements and formalise all pricing liaising with their existing resource.

Step 4.


ICH will present their proposal and how they envisage to manage your site/estate. At this stage any preferences or adjustments can be made to better suit your exact requirements

Step 5.


Exchange of contracts with confirmation of start dates and the identification of the mobilisation strategy and key responsibilities.

A tailored approach.

ICH tailors each facilities management agreement exactly to the clients requirement and are extremely flexible allowing changes to these contracts, sometimes midterm. This method has proved to be successful in order to assist customers with their peaks and troughs in demand.

ICH understand many business have various start and end dates and find it difficult to arrange an outsourced facilities management contract. If required ICH can offer a consolidation service, this involves the gradual takeover of the management of existing agreements and bring all disciplines into one easy to manage start and end date. ICH see their facilities servicing offering as something very unique in comparison to traditional FM businesses. The difference being, most clients don’t want to pay more than they need to for something they can do inhouse. ICH is very competitive in this case because its facilities services offering is designed to be an extension of its existing business, not something that completely takes over its operation.


•  Passenger & Goods Lifts
•  GRP Plant Rooms
•  Pumping Stations
•  Compressed Air Systems

HVAC Systems

•  Air Conditioning & Comfort Cooling
•  Air Handling
•  Chillers
•  Water Heaters
•  Radiant Heaters
•  Boilers
•  Ductwork, Fans & Dampers
•  Pipework, Vales & Pumps


•  CCTV Systems
•  Disabled Toilet Alarms
•  Intruder Alarm Monitoring
•  Alarm Servicing
•  Key Holding
•  Concierge Staff
•  Out Of Hours Security Staff


•  Fume Extract
•  Fire Detection System
•  Fire Protection Systems
•  Fire Hydrants
•  Extinguishers & Blankets

Doors, Gates & Shutters

•  Automated Doors & Gates
•  Door Access and Access Control
•  External Doors
•  Internal Doors
•  Roller Shutter and Speed Doors
•  UPS Train Doors


•  Electrical Meters
•  Fixed Wire Testing
•  HV Power
•  LV Power
•  Substations & Switchgear
•  Portable Appliance Testing
•  UPS
•  Emergency Lighting


•  Emergency Lighting
•  External Lighting
•  Internal Lighting (All Types)

Building Fabric

•  Joinery & Handyman Services
•  Internal Surfaces
•  WC’s, Urinals, Wash Basins
•  Showers & Cubicles
•  Hand Dryers
•  Painting and Decorating
•  Masonry and Building Work

Water Services

•  Cold Water Systems
•  Drench Shower
•  Hot Water Systems
•  Legionella Risk Assessments
•  Sewage Systems
•  Surface Water Systems
•  Water Meters

Gas, Oil & LPG

•  Air Heaters
•  Radiant Tubes
•  Air Rotation Heaters
•  Plaque Heaters
•  Nor-Ray-Vac Systems
•  Burners
•  Gas Fired Air Handling Systems
•  Gas Distribution Systems
•  Gas Meters
•  All Commercial heating Systems

Soft Services

•  Commercial Cleaning
•  Grounds Maintenance
•  Pest Control
•  Vending and Hospitality Equipment
•  Hygiene Systems
•  Building Refurbishment
•  Office Furniture
•  Gritting and Gardening Services


•  Walk In Cold Rooms
•  Fridges
•  Freezers
•  Commercial Catering Equipment


•  Commercial Cookers
•  Fryers
•  Extraction Hoods
•  Ovens


•  Fan Coil Units
•  Air Handling Units
•  Supply and Extract Fans
•  Heater Batteries
•  Duct Work and Grills
•  Filter Media
•  Mixing, Punkah and Destratification Fans

Other Services

•  Lightning Protection
•  Racking Inspections
•  BMS and Controls (Building Management Systems)
•  Specialist Access Equipment
•  Fixed Ladders and Gantries
•  Man Safe Systems
•  Solar PV and Renewable Technologies

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